Food hack: Eggplant bruschetta

eggplant topped with tomato salsa and feta cheeseMove over cauliflower and kale, make room for eggplant. As part of my work with the Half Your Plate campaign, I’ve been working on a segment for Canada AM all about food hacks to eat more vegetables. Like eggplant bruschetta (pronounced broos-ketta, not broo-shetta). Continue reading

Immune booster: Roasted butternut squash soup with thyme

butternut squash soupYou know that flummoxed feeling when you bump into someone unexpectedly? Well that was me running into my friend Julie while shopping for ingredients for this soup. At first, I thought she looked vaguely familiar, and then it registered. Well, fifteen minutes later we were still catching up in the spice aisle. Anyway, Julie was thrilled to hear about a butternut squash soup that wasn’t paired with curry. I promised to send her this recipe, stat.

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Immune booster: Plant power soup with kimchi

broccoli, cauliflower and carrot soup with kimchiThis antioxidant packed soup is loaded with vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. What a delicious way to fill half your plate (or bowl) with vegetables. You’re also getting a wallop of vitamins A and C, both needed to boost your immune system. Garnish with kimchi (or sauerkraut) to get a delicious dose of good bacteria (probiotics).

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Immune booster: Hearty chicken noodle soup with turmeric

chicken noodle soup with turmeric‘Tis the season for colds and flu. What better way to bolster your immune system than with wholesome foods. Ironic that I’m writing a post about warding off colds when I’ve just fought off my own battle with the cold bug. This chicken noodle soup is the kind of comfort food you crave when you’re sick or just tired of the polar vortex.

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Half Your Plate: Chickpea sweet potato stew with barley

bowl of sweet potato chickpea stew with barleyWith the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I’m always looking for quick, satisfying meal ideas. The beautiful thing about this chickpea sweet potato stew is that you can make ahead and freeze it. After a hectic day of power shopping, just reheat and eat. Love it.

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